Infographic: Who Is the Millennial Female Micro Influencer?

From Ariana to Zendaya, we’re all familiar with the names of Instagram’s top millennial female influencers. But the social platform is also home to a huge number of of “micro influencers,” or users who might command just a few thousand followers yet whose style and brand affiliations are closely followed—and emulated—by their dedicated fans.

To help marketers better understand how to reach this valuable segment, Instagram analytics worked to figure out exactly who the female millennial micro influencer is and how she compares to the average millennial woman. “We’re just scratching the surface for this new age of influencers and the impact they will have on retail and brands. However, we know for sure that the influence of this influential peer is scaling and doing so quickly,” said Katherine Power. “Micro influencers are also a valuable target in themselves, spending more than the average millennial woman on clothing, accessories, dining out and beauty.”

By Emma Bazilian