Create a Case Study that Converts [INFOGRAPHIC]

We have a saying: “Put a customer on it.”

Whether it’s a blog post, conference talk or even our homepage, we take every opportunity possible to help our clients.

And it’s not just because we love our clients. I mean, we do love our clients, but putting a client on it — particularly in the form of a case study — is a compelling way to inject social proof into your marketing. And persuasive social proof can be just the thing to convince your prospects that they need what you’re offering.

But how does one create a case study that provides social proof and ultimately wins you customers?

Below is a 34-point checklist for creating a case study that converts. It’ll take you through the whole process, from choosing the right customer to feature to selecting a case study format to documenting its impact.

Create a Case Study that Converts [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Amy Wood